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  1. Details of 11-Piece Chest Expander: 5 Pulling Rope, 2 Handles, 2 Ankle Belt, 1 Door Anchor and 1 Cloth Bag

Details of 17-Piece Set: 11-Piece Set + Color Box +5 Elastic Force Circle  

Elastic Band:Light Pink: Tensile Value 5 ~ 10lb

Pink: Tensile Value 10 ~ 15lb
Rose-Red: Tension Value 15 ~ 20lb
Deep Rose: Tension Value 20 ~ 30lb
Purple: Tensile Value Is 30 ~ 40lb (Five Pieces Weigh 0.13/0. 28lb)

Pulling Rope (Black Pounds Maximum)

Yellow: 10lbs Yellow: 10lbs

Red: 20lbs Blue: 20lbs

Blue: 30lbs Black: 30lbs

Green Color: 40LBS Green Color: 40LBS

Black: 50lbs Total 150 Lbs Red: 50lbs

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