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Product Information

Product Name:Allen 2 Drawer side table, Display Rack for Bedroom and Living Room, Nightstand Side Table Bedroom Storage Drawer Bedside End Table

Main Color:Black

Main Material:Particle Board

Product Dimensions

Assembled Length (in.):15.75

Assembled Width (in.):15.75

Assembled Height (in.):20.94

Weight (lbs.):26.90

Package Size

Length (in.):19.30

Width (in.):18.90

Height (in.):7.09

Weight (lbs.):29.77

Product Features

  • Estimated load capacity of 55 pounds

  • Using natural rattan skin as a decorative element, it has the characteristics of moisture absorption, heat absorption, natural ventilation, and insect control.

  • The semicircular pattern embedded in the upper and lower drawers deepens the balanced visual effect and can help you save more space

  • The protruding round handle is easy to pull, and the length is moderate, and it is not easy to bump when walking around the edge of the cabinet

  • Comes with two large storage drawers, perfect for all your bedside essentials or for your various storage needs in other small spaces

  • Versatile, simple black, suitable for living room, study, bedroom and other scenes


Waterproof and scratch-resistant technology

The board has obvious wood texture and feels good to the touch. It uses advanced technology to make the board more scratch-resistant and also has good waterproof properties.

Metal base

Metal base, good load-bearing effect, convenient for cleaning

Bottom slide

The drawer accessories use bottom slide rails for smooth pulling.

Natural rattan

Made of natural rattan, natural and environmentally friendly, soft to the touch, insect-proof and moth-proof

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