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Main Color:Green

Main Material:Iron

Product Dimensions

Assembled Length (in.):31.50

Assembled Width (in.):8.50

Assembled Height (in.):1.58

Weight (lbs.):3.10

Package Size Outer Package Images

Length (in.):37.00

Width (in.):12.50

Height (in.):4.60

Weight (lbs.):9.80

Product Features

  • Natural and Charming: This wall decoration is made of preserved moss and spells out the word "HOME", adding a natural and charming touch to any space.

  • Whimsical Heart Design: The letter "O" is replaced with a heart-shaped design, adding a whimsical and romantic element to the piece.

  • Sturdy Iron Frame: The black iron frame provides a sturdy and durable base for the moss artwork, ensuring its longevity.

  • Eco-Friendly and Low-Maintenance: Made with preserved moss, this decoration is an eco-friendly and low-maintenance option for nature-inspired decor.

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