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Product Attributes

Product Name: Ball Night Light

Power: 1 Ball Light + 1 Remote Control (Single Box), 2 Ball Lights + 1 Remote Control (2 Boxes), 4 Ball Lights + 1 Remote Control (4 Boxes), 6 Ball Lights + 1 Every Control Device (Box Of 6) (W)

Light Color

24 Button Remote Control Falcon

Lamp Head Specifications: Led

Material: Vinyl

Battery Capacity: 210 Amps*2

Power Supply Mode: Cr2032*2

Light Color: 16 Colors, 4 Gradients

Use Time: 15-20H

Light Color Adjustment: Infrared Remote Control

Product Size: 8Cm

Protection Class Ip68 Instructions For Use


1. Use a Hook Or a Coin To Unscrew The Back Cover Counterclockwise, Take Out The

Insulation Sheet With The Words "Made In China";

2. Tighten The Back Cover Clockwise With The Hook Or Coin Again. The Light Works; It Is Being Processed, Please Do Not Operate....

3. Use The Remote Control To Select 16 Light Colors And 4 Color-Changing Modes As Required;

4. When The Power Of The Electronic (Cr2032*2) Is Exhausted, Use The "1-2" Method To Take Out The Old Electronic And Replace It With a New Electronic Of The Same Type, Which Can Be Used Repeatedly.



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