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The user who purchased the first time does not know the usage and dosage and gives the following recommended dosage (for reference only, the specific dosage is selected according to the actual situation.  

Try to use a small number of trials  

1 Kitchen sink, floor drain oil clogging: 30-60 g 2 bathroom sink, floor drain, bathtub hair blockage: 4080 g  

3 bathroom toilets, the main pipe of the first floor of the house is blocked: 40-150 grams  


Blockage is unclear  

Applicable to floor drains and drains (drains) to quickly disintegrate grease, hair, vegetable leaves, and tea residue at the inner wall of the dredging pipe.  

Pet hair, human waste, toilet paper, mop hair, other kitchen waste, small size blockage  


Method of operation  

1 After pouring into the product, you can pour 300ml of warm water at 40degC, and the water temperature should not be higher than 40degC.  

After 20 minutes, rinse with plenty of water until the pipe is clear. If there is still fouling, repeat the above operation.  

4 If the blockage is serious, the water is too much, and the water diffuses out of the nozzle, there is no need to add water, and the water in the nozzle is removed, and then the agent is put into the agent.  


Safe use  

1 Do not touch the skin directly and take it orally, children should not be near!  

2 Do not use other dredges and chemicals before and after using this product. This product is not suitable for use in aluminum products.  

3 This product is safe and stable when it encounters normal temperature water and cold water. When it encounters high water temperature, it will react violently, and its ability to dissolve and temperature will increase rapidly.  

Please pay attention to safety at this time, take protective measures to prevent splashing.  

4 This product can continue to affect the blockage, so please wait patiently after use!  



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