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Product Category: Desktop Storage Box

Material: ABS

Specific material: ABS

Product features: no cover

Function: organize

Storage scene: wall sticker storage

Scope of application: mobile phone, medicine

Style: Korean

Pattern: plain

Size: 6.5*6*6cm

Wall-mounted multi-purpose storage box

No nails and no drilling, small and light


Large mouth diameter for easy access

Make full use of space and increase storage capacity


Deep height design

Increased depth and stable placement


Adhesive back

Paste it at will, where you need to paste it


Leave the bottom blank

It is convenient for the data cable to pass through, and small objects such as rubber bands can be placed for easy storage


Installation steps

1. Remove the glue

2. Glue on the back of the product

3. Tear off the protective film on the adhesive

4. Paste it on the wall and let it stand for 24 hours


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